¿Todos los alojamientos tienen una cocina ?

No, las habitaciones de hotel estándar (habitación ejecutiva / habitación de lujo) no están equipadas con una cocina americana.

En Bruselas, las habitaciones estándar están equipadas con una pequeña nevera, microondas, hervidor de agua, cafetera Nespresso, cubiertos, platos, vasos y tazas para preparar comida básica. (Con la excepción de B-aparthotel Ambiorix que ofrecen un mini bar sólo).

En el B-aparthotel Kennedy, en La Haya, las habitaciones ejecutivas están equipadas con nevera pequeña, microondas, cafetera Nespresso, vasos y tazas.

En el B-aparthotel Moretus, en Amberes, hay una cafetera Nespresso.


¿cuál es la política de pago de mi reserva

Our payment policy are as follow:

GENERAL CONDITIONS ART.1: Submission and acceptance of the G.C. Unless the client delivers the evidence to the contrary, the accomplishment of the agreement proves the prior submission and acceptance of the G.C. by the client. ART.2: Conflict of the G.C. Acceptance of the G.C. implies the abdication of the G.C. of the client. ART.3: Modalities of payment. 3.1. Unless conflicting conditions in the agreement or the invoice, the invoices have to be paid at the registered office of the company within 14 days from the date of invoice in the currency as said on the invoice. 3.2. In case of partial or non-payment of the invoice at the expiration date, the client must pay de jure: (1) pay interest a rate of 3% per month and (2) a compensation in agreement a rate of 20% of the sum due for at least 100,00 EUR per invoice, unabated the right to claim a higher compensation equal to the damage suffered in reality (= penalty + term of compensation of the extrajudicial costs). Payments will be subtracted of (1) the costs, (2) the interest and sum due. 3.3. When the client pays one invoice late or incomplete, than all invoices – even when they are not due – will become collectable. The interest and compensation as mentioned in 3.2. are due from the moment the invoices are collectable. 3.4. If one of the parties does not respect the essential commitment, f.e. non-payment of the invoice, the other party has to right to end the agreement without judicial authorization or a prior notice of default. In this case the commitment-breaking party has to pay a compensation in agreement a rate of 10% of the total amount as mentioned at the invoice, this unabated the right to claim a higher compensation equal to the damage suffered in reality (= penalty). ART.4: How to give notice or end the agreement. In case of hotel activities the client can give prior notice by registered letter. He has to take into account a term of notice of one month. He also has to pay a compensation of 50% of the indemnity he would normally had to pay. ART.5: Complaints. Eventual complaints are accepted when given at last 7 days after the discovery of the complaint. The complaint has to be done by registered letter and has to be send to the registered office. ART.6: Applicable law and competence of the tribunals. 6.1. Belgian law is sole applicable for all agreements and agreements that are connected to the original agreement. 6.2. Only the tribunals in Antwerp are competent In case of legal procedure. ART.7: Severability. In case of nullity of one or a part of a condition, this does not a#ect the validity of the other conditions.

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