Charter relating to personal data – B-aparthotels


B-aparthotels place great importance on the fact that the data provided by its customers must be processed according to the law and in particular the European General Data Protection Regulation and that only data which is required for the smooth running of the bookings and activities of B-aparthotels shall be collected. B-aparthotels also does its utmost to guarantee the security of the collected data.

B-aparthotels has drawn up the following personal data charter in order to provide you with further information in the way in which we process your personal data.


  1. Identity and personal details of the data controller

The data controller for the data referred to in this charter is the company BEAPART S.A., whose registered offices are located at Square Ambiorix 28, 1000 Brussels, entered in Banque Carrefour des Entreprises under number 0552.749.847. The latter shall be entered in this charter under the name of B-aparthotels.

All requests relating to your data must be sent to the following email address:


  1. Purposes and legal basis for processing

B-aparthotels essentially processes the personal information required for the enforcement of the contract signed by the customer. The data could, however, be processed due to the legitimate interests of B-aparthotels.

Moreover, the customer’s consent is required when data is collected for direct marketing purposes.

The customer’s personal data shall therefore be collected for the following purposes:

For the enforcement of the contract:

  • Management of room bookings:
  • Management of the customer’s stay (refreshments, monitoring of any uncivil behaviour, etc.);
  • Invoicing and payment;
  • Management of the hotel service provided.

For legitimate reasons:

  • Better understanding of the customer’s requirements;
  • Offering products and services linked to the customer’s requirements;
  • Management of customer relations and loyalty;
  • Establishment of statistics;
  • In general, the improvement of B-aparthotels services such as managing complaints, conducting satisfaction surveys, protecting and improving browsing activity on the B-aparthotels Websites, protecting and preventing potential fraud, etc.).

For direct marketing purposes:

  • Sending special offers and potential new services offered by B-aparthotels;
  • Sending newsletters, promotions and tourist, hotel and service offers as well as partners’ offers.


  1. The personal data processed

Personal data shall be processed in a lawful, loyal, transparent manner with respect to the data subject.

Only data required for the purposes outlined above shall be collected. This data shall be collected from the point at which the customer makes a booking with B-aparthotels or stays at one of our residences. This information may also be provided when a booking is made by a third party such as a travel agency.

The processed data consists of information which concerns you, members of your family or individuals for whom you have made a booking such as:

  • Full name;
  • Telephone number and email address;
  • Date of birth;
  • Nationality:
  • IP address:
  • Information relating to a credit card or any other means of payment or guarantee;
  • Departure and arrival times;
  • Preferences in term of room type or other personal requirements;
  • Hobbies and interests;
  • Information collected for statistical purposes;
  • Any comments made during or after a stay in a B-aparthotels residence.


  1. Recipient of personal data

The processed, collected data is intended essentially for B-aparthotels.

B-aparthotels may, however, share your data with third parties in order to provide you with services relating to your activities and requirements during your stay in one of our residences. B-aparthotels may also share your data with third parties in order to improve our products and the services provided. B-aparthotels may, therefore, share your data with a third party to enable the latter to carry out statistical studies or market research on behalf of B-aparthotels or so that you can receive offers, promotions or newsletters from third parties on behalf of B-aparthotels.

Contracts shall be signed with said third parties so that the obligations concerning your personal data are also respected both during and after the entrusted assignment.

B-aparthotels may also be required to share the personal data in its possession with the authorities if this is required by law or if it is essential for the prevention, detection or tracking of criminal acts or fraud.


  1. Transferral of personal data to a third country?

B-aparthotels does not currently transfer any personal data to countries outside the European Union.

Should this situation change, B-aparthotels shall only transfer data to a country outside the European Union if said country offers an equivalent level of protection to that provided within the European Union for which a decision on adequacy has been reached by the European Commission in accordance with Article 45 of the GDPR or within the limits specific by this law, for example by guaranteeing the protection of data by means of suitable contractual provisions.


  1. Data retention period

B-aparthotels shall retain the collected personal data for as long as is necessary, notably with regard to the purposes outlined above, the applicable legislation (such as tax legislation) and in order to defend B-aparthotels in the context of any disputes which may arise.


  1. Protection and confidentiality of data

B-aparthotels shall do its utmost to ensure that the collected data is treated with a suitably high level of protection. Technical, physical and organisational security measures shall be established in order to prevent all unauthorised access, abusive use, disclosure or loss of information. Restrictions shall also be introduced to ensure that the use and accessing of your personal data on our servers are limited. Moreover, only authorised staff shall be permitted to access your personal data within the framework of their activities. Although the collection, transmission and storage of data can never be totally guaranteed, B-aparthotels shall ensure that suitable precautions are taken in order to protect the latter.


  1. Rights of the data subjects

Customers may access their personal data collected by B-aparthotels at any time and ask for it to be corrected or deleted. Customers may also request that B-aparthotels limits the processing of their data and may assert their right to opposition. B-aparthotels shall only be permitted to process this data within the limits provided for by law.

If a customer requests the deletion of their data and, due to security requirements imposed by the authorities, B-aparthotels is not able to delete all the customer’s data, it shall retain the customer’s full name and address for a period of __ years following their last stay on a B-aparthotels establishment.

If personal data has been collected on the basis of the consent of the data subject, the latter may withdraw their consent at any time. This withdrawal of consent shall only apply to the future, which means that it cannot infringe upon the legality of processing based on previous consent.

The data subject shall send all requests in writing to the following email address:

In the interests of the confidentiality and protection of your data, the individual making a request shall enclose a copy of an official identity document such as their identity card of passport.

These requests shall be processed as soon as possible in line with the applicable regulations in force governing the protection of data.


  1. Right to present claims to the data protection authority

Any individual who considers that their personal data may have been violated by B-aparthotels may present a claim to the data protection authority which monitors the respect of the privacy of citizens and the protection of their personal data.


  1. Consequences in the event of failure to provide personal data

Due to the fact that most of the personal data collected by B-aparthotels is necessary for the enforcement of the contract with individuals staying in one of our residences, no contract shall be concluded with B-aparthotels and no bookings or stays shall be confirmed in any of our residences in the event of a refusal to provide the personal data requested.

If personal data is collected for direct marketing purposes, the data subject may at any time refuse to provide the data requested or withdraw any consent previously provided.


  1. Children on the Website

The B-aparthotels Website is not intended for children under the age of 16 and B-aparthotels shall not request or collect any personal data concerning the latter. If B-aparthotels discovers that personal data relating to children under the age of 16 has been collected without the consent or authorisation of a parent or guardian, B-aparthotels shall take all the necessary steps in order to delete said data.


  1. Enforcement date and subsequent amendments

This charter relating to the use of personal data shall come into force as of 2018.

B-aparthotels nevertheless reserves the right to amend it for future use in accordance with legal developments of for the purposes of its activities.